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elephant milo -- probably actually-13

I’ve seen plenty of Milo vests pop up, but this version could not be ignored. Luckily my mom and I were in agreement, and she knit one for Oscar.

elephant milo -- probably actually-24

The link to the Marching Elephants chart in the original post didn’t work, so we had to do some digging. Here’s the chart if you’re looking.

elephant milo -- probably actually-16

elephant milo -- probably actually-20

We used different yarn, but as you can tell, it’s pretty similar to the original one I pinned – silver elephants on teal. If you’re logged in to Ravelry, you can browse lots of other nice color combinations here.

elephant milo -- probably actually-17

There’s something so cute about babies (yeah okay, toddlers) in sweater vests, and I love how it fits all snug around his enormous middle. I can’t offer any hard evidence, but I’m pretty sure this kid is way outperforming his peers in belly circumference.

elephant milo -- probably actually-19

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