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bridgtown swingset skirt -- probably actually-6706

Living in Portland and all, I couldn’t resist getting in on Violet Craft’s new Waterfront Park line. There are lots of cool prints, but it was the bridges I had to have…those are my bridges! I decided Lila needed a Bridgetown skirt. Immediately.

bridgtown swingset skirt -- probably actually-6804

I’m beginning to feel like a bit of a one trick pony with the Oliver + S Swingset skirt. This is my sixth (the most recent batch is here), and I can pretty much make it with my eyes closed now.

bridgetown swingset-6684

So I apologize if you’re tired of seeing them, but it remains my favorite skirt pattern for the time being. I love the shape and the fit and the waistband and the full lining and the fact that Lila loves to wear them…I just can’t bring myself to make anything else! I think this one might be my favorite yet.

bridgtown swingset skirt -- probably actually-6699

And not to be left out of the fun, Oscar scored a Bridgetown bib.

bridgetown bib-6851

Now he can match his sister while stuffing Cheerios into his mouth.

bridgetown bib-6856

I bought my bridges locally at Fabric Depot, where the whole line is apparently flying off the shelf (Portland pride!), but my sponsor Llama Fabrics has the Breeze colorway in stock if anyone is looking!

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I had a couple things cut out and ready to sew last night, but zero desire to start either one, so I made a tried and true Lazy Days Skirt. It’s one of the simplest, most satisfying things to sew, ever.lazy days 1-3834

It’s nothing exciting, but I knew it would take me under 45 minutes, and I knew Lila would wear it. And both of those things came true!


Lila picked the fabric – it’s Michael Miller Bird Chat, left over from the curtains in her reading nook.


The weather has been insanely gorgeous here and I’m having major trouble motivating myself to sew. It might just be Lazy Days Skirts for the rest of the week…

lazy days 1-1


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