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flashback pocket tee-6003

My second project for summer KCW is a simple one – a Made by Rae Flashback Skinny Tee for little Oscar.

flashback pocket tee-5969

With a pocket, of course, because babies need tiny pockets. To hold their washi tape and such. Lila insisted on shoving that in there.

flashback pocket tee-5941

It didn’t last long, though.

flashback pocket tee-5929

The long sleeves aren’t very summery, I know, but 12-18 months is the smallest size, and I knew it would fit better in the fall. Even though it’s big on him, I still love the fit of this shirt.

flashback pocket tee-6014

The knits are re-purposed t-shirts from Old Navy, and the blue is a cotton/lycra blend, since the neckband needs to have some stretch. I preserved the hem from the gray shirt, making this extra fast and easy to sew up. I had forgotten how quick these are to make – it’s a super satisfying project and one that’s sure to get lots of wear.

flashback pocket tee-5912

I made one silly mistake on this shirt. The front and back pattern pieces are identical except for a little dip in the neckline on the front. This is my second time making this size, and apparently I only printed out one pattern piece the first time around. Since it had already been cut on the front/back line, I ended up cutting out two fronts without even noticing. Luckily it doesn’t seem to make any difference when the shirt is on. But when you prepare your pattern pieces, print out two separate pieces for the back and front so you don’t make the same mistake!

flashback pocket tee-5962


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When I found out I was having a boy this time around, one sewing-related thing I was genuinely excited for was button-down shirts. Little boys just look so sweet in button-downs, and I’m glad for the opportunity to make one – and many more down the line, I have a feeling – for my little Oscar.

sketchbook shirt-4975

This one was inspired by the Milo Shirt from Bobinette, which I found on Pinterest almost a year ago. I immediately thought of the Oliver + S Sketchbook pattern, a must-have for boy sewing. I got my copy last summer when I sewed the Sketchbook shorts for the Shorts on the Line series, but this is my first attempt at the shirt. It came together really nicely (of course it did, being an Oliver + S pattern and all) and there’s something that feels all professional about making a shirt like this, even though it’s really not difficult (it’s just a two scissors pattern). Hand sewing the collar is the only tedious part…I’m so impatient when it comes to hand sewing!

sketchbook shirt-5006

I added some of the same details as the Bobinette version: snaps in lieu of buttons (though I used pearl snaps, because like silver thread, I think the world needs more pearl snaps!), and a bias-cut pocket, placket, and yoke.

sketchbook shirt-4872

And then some orange top stitching and a matching twill tape tag – because orange and gray are nice together.

sketchbook shirt2-5200

The gray gingham is from Hawthorne Threads – look at all their Riley Blake gingham options! There will most certainly be a version #2 of this shirt in one of those other colors.

sketchbook shirt-5032

I had this all cut out and ready to sew for KCW this spring, but it got bumped down the list since I knew it would be awhile before it fit. The 6-12 months size is still big on Oscar, but I couldn’t resist trying it on for a photo. And while I’d love to keep him tiny forever, I can’t wait for this shirt to fit!

sketchbook shirt-5158

And….we have a winner! A copy of the Fancy Pants Leggings pattern goes to nurturemybaby.  Laura will contact you by email very soon!

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We’ve been experiencing a little problem over here, but never fear, I sewed something up to fix it.

fabric bowl -4757

Yep, that’s right. There was a pile of pacifiers on the nightstand with no fabric bowl to hold them.

fabric bowl -4738

Actually, the problem was that I was tired of searching – on my hands and knees, in the pitch dark, at all hours of the night – to find the binky that Oscar had accidentally kicked out of the crib. So I decided there’d better be a handful of spares on the table. And if there’s a handful of spares, they’d better be in a cute little dish. Or better yet, a fabric bowl.

That’s when I remembered seeing this thread catcher, and figured I make a little binky catcher. I bought Nova’s Nesting Fabric Bowls pattern back in January and made this one out of linen and Echino right away:

fabric bowl -4830

It’s the 6-inch size and I’ve used it all over the house – to collect baby toys, mail, random junk – I just keep moving it around because it looks nice everywhere. Here it is on top of the toy shelf for scale.

fabric bowl -1122

((And yes, I can’t help it, I love to arrange stuff on shelves more than just about anything.))

fabric bowl -1131

Anyway, I absolutely love this pattern, and while there are many tutorials and freebies out there for fabric baskets and bowls, I’m so happy I bought this one. Everything you ever wanted to know about making a structured fabric container is included in this pattern, right down to the proper method for fusing your interfacing. It’s super detailed and thorough and wonderful, trust me.

The pattern comes with a formula to make any size bowl you like – her lovely little thread catcher is 3 inches, but I made the flowered one in the 4-inch size thinking the smaller size might be too tiny. But then I made a 3-incher in some Kokka robots just for fun. You can’t have too many binky bowls, right?

robot fabric bowl -4813

But back to this one for just a moment:

fabric bowl -4821

The floral fabric is from the Carnaby Street line, and was a free sample I picked up at Pat Bravo’s booth when Quilt Market was in town a few weekends back. Now let me just say, it pays to be friends with Kristin of skirt as top, not only because she’s all-around awesome, but also because she’s in with all the cool kids, including the amazing Rae of Made by Rae fame. And between the two of them I got to go to Quilt Market – thanks for the hook up, ladies!


That’s right, I got to meet Rae, and she was just as fabulous and delightful as you might imagine (and the only one of these three who could be bothered to look up from Instagram for my photo! :)). I also had the pleasure of spending time with Cherie (left) of You & Mie, who was also, no surprise, utterly delightful. And that’s the ever delightful Kristin in the middle! What can I say, it was wall-to-wall delightfulness!

And, AGAIN with the connections, Kristin introduced me to Liesl of Oliver + S, which was just totally surreal. It goes without saying that I adore all things Oliver + S – these are patterns that got me really excited about sewing in the first place, and to me they’re in a class of their own. It was such an honor to meet Liesl, and I’m preeeeety excited to have photographic evidence of the event (plus, look! she’s touching me!)


Anyway, those were the Quilt Market highlights for me – it was exciting to see all the beautiful booths and upcoming fabric lines, but even more fun to spend time with some very lovely and talented members of the sewing community. Thanks again to Kristin for facilitating it all!

p.s. I’ve got a giveaway going on through tomorrow for the Fancy Pants Leggings pattern, so enter now if you want a chance to win – details in my last post!

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I’m excited to be the next stop on Laura’s Fancy Pants Leggings pattern tour!

I first discovered Laura last spring during KCW when she made these wonderful pajamas for her boys, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Her blog, Craftstorming, is full of sewing and crafting and baking inspiration, and she’s recently started selling patterns at Titchy Threads. The Fancy Pants Leggings are her first pattern, though you’d never know it – it’s one of the most thorough, professional patterns I’ve ever used. The leggings are so quick and easy to sew, and come together so nicely – I highly recommend this pattern!

fancy pants-3422

The size range is 0-3 months to 4T, and I tested a size 3-6 months for Oscar. He’s a tall, skinny 5 month old in these photos, and the fit is perfect (and still is today at almost 7 months). This was my first attempt at sewing a bum panel – it’s such a cute feature and allows for some extra diaper room, as well as an opportunity to use a contrast fabric, which I’d love to try next time. For these I used a thrifted gray and white striped knit (subconsiously trying to channel Laura’s striped jammies, I think!) with an aqua cotton/lycra blend for the leg and waist bands.

fancy pants leggings-3428

In the final version of the pattern the waistband for this size is one inch wide rather than the two inches you see here, but it would be super easy to customize the size of both the waist and leg bands should you choose. You can also hem the legs instead of adding bands, or use exposed elastic for the waistband. And there’s a shorts version, too. Lots of options, and they’re all explained very clearly, with plenty of photos and detailed instructions. And if you’re new to sewing with knits you’ll find lots of helpful tips within the pattern. It’s rated “Confident Beginner” – even if you’ve never sewn with knits, you can make these leggings!

fancy pants leggings-3424

You can get your copy of the pattern here, and check out all the stops on the pattern tour below – lots of fabulous Fancy Pants Leggings to be seen!

20th – Abby from Things for Boys
21st – Rachael from Imagine Gnats
22nd – Celina from Petit à Petit and Family
23rd – Jane from Buzzmills
24th – Heather from Feather’s Flight

27th – Stacey from Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy
28th – Gail from Probably Actually
29th – Jenny from The Southern Institute
30th – Ros from Sew Delicious
31st – Carla from Small + Friendly


Oh, and you can win a copy of the pattern by liking Craftstorming and/or Titchy Threads on Facebook and leaving a comment here that you did! The giveaway will be open through Friday, May 31st – just make sure your comment is linked to an email address so that I can contact you if it’s your lucky day 🙂

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cloudy pants-4601

Oscar seems perfectly happy with those star knee patch pants I made for him (at least someone likes their new clothes!), so I decided to add another pair into the rotation. I’m a sucker for clouds and thought they might make cute little patches, so I went with that.

cloudy pants-4551

The crosshatch fabric is from the Architextures line, and I machine stitched around each cloud twice with silver metallic thread to give them “silver linings” – kinda cheesy and hardly noticeable, but it made me happy. Silver thread should get more use, if you ask me.

cloudy pants 1-4590

I actually made two pairs of these – the first pair came out looking like pajama bottoms to me….which, admittedly, isn’t such a big deal for a six month old, but since they take all of 45 minutes to make, I decided to try again with the black Carolina chambray. Here’s the blue pajama/hospital scrub version, which I think is destined to be given away:

cloud pants-4485

The pattern for both pairs is the same as the star pants – Rae’s free Basic Newborn Pant pattern, with 1.25 inches of added length. I added a contrast cuff to these, and a fold-over cuff to the gray pair, which increased the overall length by another inch or so.

cloud pants-4490

So yeah, I like adding knee patches to stuff. Boy sewing isn’t so bad after all.

cloud pants-4507

I couldn’t get him to crack a smile for any of these photos, so I’m settling on this one in case anyone was hoping for a face shot. Kind of a serious, just-woke-up look, but at least he’s sitting still and not complaining that he hates his new pants. Good boy.

cloudy pants 1-4660

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Happy Kids Clothes Week!

When I planned for possible projects for the week, I decided I wanted to make a few things for Oscar. I’m trying, I really am, but I’m still struggling with the whole sewing-for-boys thing. There have been a few attempts here and there, but they’ve all left me feeling hemmed in by “boy” choices, and I just end up fantasizing about how the project might look if I were sewing for a girl.

star patches-3634

These little pants, however, made me perfectly happy to be boy-sewing.

star patches 1-3613

I started out with the Basic Newborn Pant pattern, a freebie available at Made by Rae. Kristin made Oscar two adorable pairs when he was born, and the longer pair still fits well at almost six months. So it seemed like a good pattern to play with.

star patches-3686

The star knee patches (inspired by Mini Boden) were appliquéd with Steam-a-Seam 2, then secured with embroidery floss and a running stitch around the edges. If the patches look a little low it’s because he was asleep when I placed them, and that was my best guess. Baby proportions are elusive.

star patches-3664

Pattern :: Rae‘s free Basic Newborn Pants (legs lengthened by a little over an inch, and waistband folded down an extra 1/2 inch to lose a little of the rise). Cuff tutorial courtesty of you & mie.

Fabric :: Essex Yarn Died Linen in Denim, and Moda Crossweave in aqua for the stars.

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almost 5 months-3010

Look who’s five months old tomorrow! He’ll be celebrating by lounging on his new changing pad.

gingercake changing pad-2904

I first learned about Gingercake Patterns when my friend Trinh made 16 of these adorable Crayon Art Folios as birthday party favors a few years back. And when Lila started preschool in September I made my first Gingercake pattern, Love your Lunchbox. Both of these items get lots of use around here, so when Virginia sent me her Traveling Changing Pad pattern to try out, I was really excited to give it a whirl.

There are lots of great and unique features to this changing pad, including two pockets at the bottom – one for diapers and one for wipes. The right pocket is lined with PUL and closes with velcro, so you can refill it with wipes as you use them. Smart, eh? And you could really use the pockets for anything – diaper cream, a toy, a clean onesie, a pacifier, or whatever else might come in handy during a diaper change.

gingercake changing pad2-3049

The other feature I love is how the whole thing folds up and ties together and ends up looking like a gift wrapped in fabric. Pretty lovely if you ask me.

gingercake changing pad-2871

The pattern suggests terry cloth for the pad, but I happened to have some super soft Michael Miller organic sherpa, so I used that. The peacock blue fabric is a Moda Just Wing It stripe, and the yellow dots are from Lotta Jansdotter’s Bella line.

gingercake changing pad-2908 The pattern is full of little tips and tricks to customize and simplify the changing pad to suit your needs. I must admit that I’m always a bit intimidated by projects with binding, but this pattern uses a really simple method I’d never tried before. You can always use a more traditional method if you like, but this one was really quick and easy and I’m always happy when trying a new pattern leads to learning something new.

And in conclusion, another link to the pattern, and ten little baby toes:

gingercake changing pad2-3040

p.s. there have been a few questions about Oscar’s onesie – i did indeed embroider it (about 5 years ago, for my nephew!) – it’s a Sublime Stitching pattern and you can find it here!

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Ever since Anna of Noodlehead posted her first divided baskets last month, I’ve been a little bit obsessed. Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long to make one – she got right to work making the pattern, and I even got to test it!

A good friend of mine had a baby girl last week, and this one is for her.

divided basket-1756

I made the pocket version of the basket, and divided it off-center to house a board book and a card.

divided basket-1791

These things are so much fun to fill up, it’s hard to stop once you get going. I filled this basket with diapers, wipes, a couple of my favorite board books, a little sleep sack, some TJs red licorice, and some patchwork washcloths.


The idea for the washcloths came from this pin, and I loved them so much that I even used the same elephant fabric! I also discovered a lovely new blog in the process, A Cuppa and a Catch Up, and I even ended up buying Nova’s Nesting Fabric Bowls pattern, which I hope to post about soon.


I wish the Ikea washcloths were a little better quality, but I guess you can’t expect too much at 10 for $3.99. And I do love the colorful little loops.


But back to Anna’s pattern…the fabric covered handles are one of my favorite parts. Mine ended up wrongside-out on my first basket, oops. The handle fabric is a Moda Sweetwater Reunion print and the main fabric is an Andover print from the Frippery line.

divided basket-1769

Here’s my second basket. More Daiwabo Tip Top elephants.

elephant basket-1606

This time I lined the front pocket, and I also managed to attached the straps correctly.mosaic7ca8eafbca40ff5f98b1b9416a1e295d96473221

I love how Anna designed the basket with a divider – I had no clue how she did it before reading the pattern, but it’s really easy to construct with her directions.


I think these baskets will make lovely new baby gifts, but they’ll also be great for storage around the house. Toys, books, patterns…endless possibilities!


Get your Divided Basket pattern right here, you’ll be glad you did.

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crib sheets are easy

There hasn’t been much sewing going on around here, that’s for sure. These crib sheets are all I have to show for myself, so I’m gonna show ’em.

crib sheets-0571

This is a good sewing project if you’re sleep deprived and can’t tackle anything remotely complicated just yet. One rectangle with the corners cut out, four seams, and an elastic casing sewn around the entire thing. I used Dana’s crib sheet tutorial from MADE. I had every intention of making these before Oscar’s arrival, but I fell in love with this fabric from Birch Organic’s Camp Modern line, and it wasn’t available until mid-November, so I waited for it.

birch sheet-0680

In the meantime I made another sheet from a Moda Sweetwater fabric (also used here). It just looks gray from a distance, but I like the subtle print.

crib sheets-0588

I love seeing pretty fabric every time I walk into the room…


And this baby, of course.


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Yes, this post is mostly just an excuse to put up new photos of baby Oscar, but I did make some burp cloths I can show you, too. You’ll have to sift through the baby pictures to find them, though…

Awhile back I ordered some cloth diapers online to make burp cloths and had intended to sew a panel of fabric down the center, but I ended up with the kind that wash up to be very quilted and bumpy, so I had to come up with another plan.

The diapers are super soft and absorbent, and I wanted to maximize the surface area that could be used to mop up the spit, but still add a little pop of color. I know there are already plenty of ways to make a burp cloth, but here’s another one for ya.

To make these I just cut 2-inch strips of fabric and folded them like bias tape to bind the edges of the diapers – I cut the strips on the grain, since I was binding a straight edge. Then I sandwiched each end of the diaper in the binding, tucked 1/2 an inch in on the ends, and sewed across.

A pack of six diapers is less than $12, so they come out to about $2 each – not bad at all.

Oh, and hi from Oscar…he slept through most of his first week, but he’s much more alert now. And kinda cute, or so we think.

And Lila is still his #1 fan…

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