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pasta party

A good percentage of the fun that goes on around here happens in Lila’s play kitchen. The kitchen was a first birthday gift – stocking it has been an ongoing process, and such fun – there are so many fabulous (and amazingly realistic!) play foods and kitchen accessories out there to help fuel the make-believe. I recently sewed up a bunch of felt pasta, and Lila’s been slaving over a hot stove ever since.

Here’s a peek inside the pot:

And the rest of the felt pasta smorgasbord!

I had this pasta on my list of things to make for Christmas, but only managed to get as far as the bowties. Then a few days after Christmas my dear Flickr friend Beth posted a photo of her lovely pasta (we somehow always end up making the same things for our same-named daughters), which inspired me to press on and make the others.

If you’ve got some felt, a pinking shears, a little stuffing, and a needle and thread (or a sewing machine), you’re well on your way to cooking up some play pasta. This stuff was quick and easy. Just google “felt pasta” and you’ll find several tutorials for all of these pasta shapes. I used this one for the bowties and this one for the ravioli.┬áThe rigatoni is just a two-inch square rolled up into a tube, whip-stitched closed by hand. And for the tortellini I watched this video (it’s in Spanish, but it hardly matters) – they use glue, but I stitched the sides of the tortellini by machine, then folded them up and held them closed with little clothespins before tacking the ends together with a few hand stitches.

Time for the pasta party! Pasta for each little friend…

And pasta for each little finger.

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