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flying bats!

Our trip to the pumpkin patch over the weekend left me feeling all Halloween-y. When I saw these paper bats last October on MADE, I immediately bookmarked the idea (remember bookmarking stuff? it sounds so passé now!) for this year.

So this morning I cut out some bats.

There’s a certain 1/3 of my household who’s not a big fan of holiday decorations cluttering up our already cluttered living space, so I kept it pretty simple and hung the bats outside.

The cool thing about outdoor bats is that when the wind picks up, it looks like they’re flying. Today happened to be really windy, and these things were flapping their wings like mad.

I hung them with duct tape and they held up great in the wind. Not sure how they’ll fare when the rain returns.

Now that we’ve got our bats in order, it’s time to start thinking about a Halloween costume. I’ve got a couple ideas that I’m trying to sell to Lila, but I have a feeling whatever I make is going to be met with some resistance.

Look at her last year, she was so little and sweet and willing to wear whatever I wanted her to…

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