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These were made (patterns traced, fabric cut, pants sewn) with lightning speed, in assembly-line style, on the 23rd of December. If you’ve left your Christmas Eve pjs to the last minute, this pattern is your friend. Inseam, Inseam, cuff, cuff, rise, waistband. Done! charley harper pjs -- probably actually-1I bought both kids $4 Old Navy t-shirts and just left them as-is this time (except for the addition of some running stitches on Lila’s pocket) – bare bones, people. PANTS ONLY.

charley harper pjs -- probably actually-1-2

The turquoise birds (Red Eye Vireo) are from Birch Fabric’s first Charley Harper line, and Oscar’s penguins (Murre) are from the new line, Nurture. The Birch poplin has such a nice feel and sheen to it – it’s smooth and crisp and a little more substantial than your average quilting cotton…if that makes any sense. There are so many cool prints in these two Charley Harper lines, and you really have to see them up close to fully appreciate them.charley harper pjs -- probably actually-1-3

I used Moda’s Indigo Pinstripe for Oscar’s cuffs and waistband, and the green contrast on Lila’s is one of the Cotton + Steel Basics, Dottie in Picnic.

charley harper pjs -- probably actually-1-4The Oliver + S pajama pants are always a hit around here, but I do feel like I’m in a bit of a rut with them. Next year maybe I’ll try knit pjs (Flashback Skinny Tee + Fancy Pants leggings like Elizabeth’s), or maybe a nightgown (did you see Rachel’s?) for Lila. Or, more likely, it’ll be these again on the eve of the 23rd.

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It’s Kid’s Clothes Week again, and I’m knee deep in two Halloween costumes (I’m stealing someone else’s great idea this year) and a couple of welt pockets for Oscar’s birthday trousers. But today I bring you some baby seal pjs.

baby seal pjs -- probably actually-1-12I’ve made so many of these sets (Oliver + S Bedtime Story pajama bottoms with a doctored-up, store bought T-shirt) that I won’t bore you with the details. BUT, these pants are double gauze, and double gauze = special! Every time I sew with double gauze (which happens to be all of thrice so far) I’m reminded that it’s the dreamiest fabric on the planet.

baby seal pjs -- probably actually-1-2

baby seal pjs -- probably actually-1-3These were a third birthday gift for our very special (and therefore deserving of double gauze) next door neighbor friend, who you may remember from here and here. She’s pretty into sea animals and the color blue, so when I remembered Anna’s beautiful baby seal lap duvet, I went searching for the fabric. It was still available on Etsy, so I ordered a yard (which tragically arrived in the mail 15 minutes before the party started, but that’s another story).

baby seal pjs -- probably actually-2Oscar modeled for me before we wrapped them up. He wears a size three pretty well these days.

baby seal pjs -- probably actually-1-9

Pattern | Oliver + S Bedtime Story Pajama pants

Fabric | Seals on Blue by Cosmo Textiles + Carolyn Friedlander’s Crosshatch in Gray



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As usual I have many projects on my list for Kids Clothes Week, but OBVIOUSLY my number one priority was brother/sister bunny pajamas for Easter. I never pegged myself as the type to sew coordinating anything for my children, but apparently I am exactly that type.

sleepy bunny pjs -- probably actually-6

Every year I envision myself making Christmas pajamas, and every year December fills up with other things. In fact the only year I actually made them, they were finished in November. That’s probably the key. Anyway, I found this cute bunny fabric right before the New Year, and fresh with my failure to deliver Christmas pajamas, I snatched it up for Easter pjs. I figured four months of lead time should be enough to make it happen.

sleepy bunny pjs -- probably actually-7

The pants are made with the Oliver + S Sleepover Pajamas pattern. Oscar’s are size 18-24 months and came out pretty big, but I’m not concerned – they’ll probably fit tomorrow. He is huge for his age and just keeps on gettin’ huger. And I would’ve preferred to make Lila’s in a 5 (her last pair were 4s), but since I only have the smaller size range in this pattern I used the 4 and added a 1/2 inch to the rise and another 1/2 inch to the legs, which worked out just fine. I like that the cuffs on the Sleepover Pajamas can be rolled up or let down for a more adjustable fit.

sleepy bunny pjs -- probably actually-10

I used Old Navy t-shirts for the tops, and added snoozing bunny patches. T-shirts are easy enough to make, but at $4 a pop, they sure are easy to buy, too.

sleepy bunny pjs -- probably actually-3

The bunnies (Bunny Brigade from Critter Patch Organic) are from Clothworks and were designed by Alyssa Thomas of Penguin & Fish. So that explains why they’re so cute. Just like her embroidery patterns.

sleepy bunny pjs -- probably actuallyThe cuffs and waistbands are Lizzy House’s Jewels in Aqua and Peach.

sleepy bunny pjs -- probably actually-8

I hope to finish at least one more project this week – in the meantime I’ll be perusing everyone else’s KCW creations!




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acatnap sleepover pjs -- probably actually-2852

Friday was “Pajama Day” at Lila’s preschool, and stuff like that compels me to sew. I had four days warning, which is plenty of time to make a pair, but here’s the problem with pajamas: there’s pretty much no print that doesn’t work. And having too many options paralyzes me.

acatnap sleepover pjs -- probably actually-2997

I hemmed and hawed over the fabric until Thursday morning, when I saw that Linh had listed Lizzy House’s new line, Catnap. It’s such cute stuff, and the coordinating Jewels and Pearl Bracelets are an added bonus. The Cat Dream print appealed to me right away – it’s just so fun and colorful, and if whimsical weren’t such a dumb word, I’d probably call it that, too. And catnap, cat dream, the cat’s pajamas…I couldn’t resist all the sleeping references. So I picked up some Cat Dream in Linen and Jewels in Peach, traced the Oliver + S Sleepover Pajamas pattern, and mentally prepared myself for a late night of sewing.

catnap sleepover pjs -- probably actually-2658-2

I’ve sewn lots of Bedtime Story pajamas, and usually I just make the pants, then sew a little patch to a t-shirt and call it good. But since the Sleepover Pajamas pattern was new to me, I decided to try the whole set.

catnap sleepover pjs -- probably actually-2682

Lila is in between a 4 and 5 right now, and while it pained me to buy the smaller size range for her, the size 4 turned out to be a great fit. One nice thing about the Sleepover Pajamas is that the pants and sleeves both have cuffs that can be let down, which gives the set a longer life (shown above with pant cuffs let down and sleeve cuffs rolled up). And it’s a unisex pattern, so there’s still a chance I’ll get some use from it after this pair.

catnap sleepover pjs -- probably actually-2756

And while I love the look of the Bedtime Story‘s kimono style top, I think I actually prefer this style in terms of fit and comfort, since the kimono ties were sometimes tricky to keep closed. Anyway, I was worried she’d reject the top since most of her pjs are knit, but she ended up wearing this ensemble for 48 hours straight! Kinda gross, but we had a lazy weekend. I’ll take it.

catnap sleepover pjs -- probably actually-2787

I can’t say I’d recommend starting this pattern the night before it’s supposed to be worn – I really enjoy sleep as a general rule, and I only engage in these types of late-night sewing shenanigans a few times a year. But every now and then I like a little challenge, and it feels good to just power through and make something from start to finish. Even if it means you have to finish it off with three orange buttons and one mismatched pink one.

catnap sleepover pjs -- probably actually-2875

And, as I knew it would, the pattern held up to the high Oliver + S standards: frustration-free sewing with good looking and fitting end results. If you’re going to stay up late, that’s the way to go. It’s crazy (or just poor planning), losing a night’s sleep to send your kid to school in cat pajamas, I know it is. But I’d do it all over again – they’ve already been worn the equivalent of twice, which beats a whole slew of other things I’ve made for her!

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