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(not so) twirly skirts

I can’t say we were in need of a skirt over here, but thanks to Trinh I was inspired to further expand Lila’s skirt wardrobe.

This is a modified version of the twirly skirt from House on Hill Road. I think this might be my new favorite method for making a skirt – I love the hem and waistbands, and how it ties at the side with a drawstring or ribbon.

The prep and sewing were so quick and simple. I made a couple of changes when I sewed mine (one intentional, one careless mistake). The tutorial called for twice as much fabric as I usually use for a skirt, and I thought all that fullness might swallow Lila up, so I just used the width of the fabric from selvage to selvage. The result is much less twirly but still a nice full skirt.

I used Riley Blake polka dots (same fabric I used here), Moda Bella solid, and grosgrain ribbon.

My actual mistake was sewing the waistband to the hem and the hem band to the waist. By the time I figured it out there was no going back, so I used 1-inch elastic and a 1-inch ribbon in the waistband. Fat waistband, skinny hem band.

Not a huge deal, but also not what I intended. A second skirt seemed like a completely reasonable way to right my mistake.

There. That’s what it’s supposed to look like. The fabric for #2 is Noguchi by Alexander Henry with the same Moda Bella solid as the first skirt. I’ve had the AH on hand for years and it was nice to finally put it to use.

Anyway, we’ve got a pretty good stack of skirts going over here.

I think it’s time for a moratorium.

In other news, we set up an outdoor chalkboard on the fence in our backyard. It’s just a piece of plywood painted with chalkboard paint, a la Angry Chicken. The paint was spendy but it only took one coat, so there’s lots leftover for future projects. I only wish the board were twice as tall so I didn’t have to squat to use it. I’ve sort of been monopolizing it lately, as you can see (and I didn’t erase very well, either), but we do let Lila use it, too. We’ve got rags and paintbrushes and spray bottles, and it’s so much fun. Chalk + water together are so divine….

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