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Okay, Lila and I have collectively changed our minds. This is her birthday dress:

a hide-and-seek dress -- probably actually

She’s actually come around to her Garden Party dress and has agreed to wear it with a sweater, but she declared a strong dislike for its sleevelessness early on. I knew she wasn’t a fan of what she calls “half-quarter sleeves”, but I had no idea that a lack of sleeves would cause such heartache. Luckily, a Hide-and-Seek dress, complete with proper sleeves, was already in the works.

hide-and-seek dress -- probably actually-13

I really enjoyed this pattern. For me, the Garden Party dress was the easiest to love at face value, but I could tell the Hide-and-Seek had great potential and I was excited to play with it.

hide-and-seek dress -- probably actually-24

The dress has a contrast yoke with a gathered skirt, which together attach to side panels that run the length of the dress (or tunic, which is another option). You can choose short sleeves (shown here) or cuffed three-quarter sleeves. These sleeves were amazingly easy to set-in – hardly any easing necessary. I think it’s the first time in my entire sleeve-setting career that I didn’t have to bust out the seam ripper even once. It was glorious.

hide-and-seek dress -- probably actually-23

One of my favorite features of the dress are the side seam welt pockets. I love how they look, and they were surprisingly simple to construct.

hide-and-seek dress -- probably actually-6

2hide-and-seek dress -- probably actually

Like Liesl suggests, the yoke gives you a great opportunity to highlight a special fabric. I used a Japanese print from a line called Muddy Works by Tomotake for Kokka – it’s called Large Orbs and the color is an interesting mix of purple and gray. I found it locally, but all three colors of this print are available here. It only takes a half yard of fabric to accommodate the length of the yoke pieces, and you’ll have most of that half yard left over, so it’s not such a big deal to splurge on something special.

2hide-and-seek dress -- probably actually-2

The mustard chambray is from Andover Fabrics. I’ve mentioned before that I’m always on the lookout for great chambrays – they are such versatile garment fabrics and have been a favorite of mine since I started sewing. Just about everything looks great made from chambray, and the available selection seems to have expanded quite a bit. LiMa Sews recently stocked the entire line of Andover chambrays – 18 different colors. I’ve seen them all in person and can attest to their loveliness. They have a nice weight to them, not too flimsy, but still plenty soft. It’s really good stuff.

hide-and-seek dress -- probably actually-7

I know solid yellow probably isn’t the most practical choice for a little girls’ dress, but I loved the shade. Nice for almost-spring.

hide-and-seek dress -- probably actually-5

And yes, this pattern was designed with a notch at the neckline, but what can I say – I think I’ve omitted the notch in almost every pattern that’s had one. It’s lovely with the notch, but you can easily leave it out – just a matter of preference.

hide-and-seek dress -- probably actually-3

I sewed this dress in a size 4 – Lila is at the end of the height and weight range for a 4, but this one has a more relaxed fit, so I think sizing down was the way to go. I added an inch to the length as a precaution, but it ended up too long, so I took it back up an inch after hemming.

hide-and-seek dress -- probably actually-26

Sorry about all the photos. The light was nice last night and I took too many. Plus, she only has six more days to be four years old.

hide-and-seek dress -- probably actually-10

Again, thanks to Liesl for providing this pattern, it was a pleasure to review!

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This is one of those projects I’ve wanted to try forever, but couldn’t find an excuse. Finally I decided I’d just make a few to have on hand for new baby gifts as the need arises. There’s always a baby being born somewhere, right? And babies wear diapers. And if those diapers don’t have a cute little pouch to live in, well, then there’s trouble.

I love Anna’s linen version of the diaper pouch – like everything she makes, it’s just so easy on the eyes! You can find the tutorial here.

The pouches will fit a couple diapers (I had hoped for some nice, unbleached 7th Generation diapers in my photos…turns out all we had were tacky princess pull-ups, so you’ll have to use your imagination) and a full package of travel wipes, plus there’s room on the sides for diaper cream or a little bottle of hand sanitizer (this one’s my all time favorite – spearmint lime by Cleanwell. Smells soooo good, and it’s alcohol-free).

This is such a quick and simple to project. I could’ve gone on and on, but since the first two don’t have homes yet I figured I should hold off. They were fun though. Plus, it was my first time boxing a corner! Not that it was rocket science or anything, but it’s always fun to add a new skill to your repertoire.

Both prints are Kokka cotton/linen blends. The Heather Ross print was a much too generous gift (a whole yard!) from Kristin for using our reading nook for her Project Run and Play photo shoot this week. I’ve been living vicariously through her during the PR&P excitement and was thrilled just to be part of the photo shoot action, but she insisted on fabric payment, because she’s sweet like that. And while we’re on the subject of PR&P, check out her glorious design for the Special Occasions category this week:

image from skirt as top

Aren’t those petals amazing? Voting is still open through tonight – if you haven’t done so already, go check out her Japanese Tea Party entry and VOTE!

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