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For my next installment of “things I didn’t knit” I’d like to introduce you to the bunnies my mom made for this year’s Easter baskets.

little cotton rabbits -- probably actually-3

They’re pretty cute on their own, but they also have tiny bunny wardrobes, which of course takes things to a new level.

little cotton rabbits -- probably actually-13

We take dressing up our little friends pretty seriously around here, and we’re having so much fun playing with these.

little cotton rabbits -- probably actually-11

I’m definitely including myself in that “we” – technically there was one bunny for each kid, but you know how it goes.

little cotton rabbits -- probably actually-8

The patterns come from Julie Williams of Little Cotton Rabbits. There’s all sorts of adorableness to be seen on her blog and in her Flickr stream (the rabbits! the elephants! the miniature dresses and sweaters!) – I’m in awe of this woman. Her knitted animal and dress patterns can be found in her Etsy shop. And she occasionally sells her own creations in the shop, too.

little cotton rabbits -- probably actually-11

That’s all. I’ve got my eye on the robin dress next – stay tuned for expanding bunny wardrobes!

little cotton rabbits -- probably actually



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elephant milo -- probably actually-13

I’ve seen plenty of Milo vests pop up, but this version could not be ignored. Luckily my mom and I were in agreement, and she knit one for Oscar.

elephant milo -- probably actually-24

The link to the Marching Elephants chart in the original post didn’t work, so we had to do some digging. Here’s the chart if you’re looking.

elephant milo -- probably actually-16

elephant milo -- probably actually-20

We used different yarn, but as you can tell, it’s pretty similar to the original one I pinned – silver elephants on teal. If you’re logged in to Ravelry, you can browse lots of other nice color combinations here.

elephant milo -- probably actually-17

There’s something so cute about babies (yeah okay, toddlers) in sweater vests, and I love how it fits all snug around his enormous middle. I can’t offer any hard evidence, but I’m pretty sure this kid is way outperforming his peers in belly circumference.

elephant milo -- probably actually-19

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latte coat -- probably actually-3083

Oscar has a new sweater he wants to share.

latte baby coat -- probably actually-3116

And he has to share it now because it isn’t going to fit over his huge belly much longer.

latte coat -- probably actually-3108

The hood is my favorite part. Such a cute little hood.

latte coat -- probably actually-3099

After we picked out this pattern, I saw that Alicia Paulson had knit the same sweater (but lined!) for her daughter, who is just a few weeks older than Oscar. I’m in never-ending awe of the beautiful space that is Posy Gets Cozy, and in my fantasy world I like to pretend that Oscar and Amelia are friends. Now in matching sweaters.

latte coat -- probably actually-3097

Pattern | Latte Baby Coat by Lisa Chemery

Yarn | Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in pea green

Knit by my mom

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sweater show-and-tell

I’ve mentioned before that my mom keeps close tabs on my “knit and crochet” Pinterest board, which is a very good thing. Remember the bee ensemble? It finally fits…

bumble bee sweater -- probably actually-9418Hat and all.

bumble bee sweater -- probably actually-9348

She also made this one not long after Oscar was born. It fits now too, just in time for fall.

GOWM sweater-8898The pattern is Grow Old With Me by Jenny Wiebe. Aside from some differently spaced stripes (it was unintentional, she tells me) and the gray buttons, it’s the same sweater as my pinned version – I don’t know enough about knitting to get too creative in my yarn selection, so we just went with the exact same stuff, colors and everything.

GOWM sweater-8520

Babies sure are cute in their mini sweaters. Especially the shawl collar variety.

GOWM sweater-8925And one last bumble bee photo.

bumble bee sweater -- probably actually-9402

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this installment of sweater show-and-tell, because there’s more knitting in the queue…

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Awhile back I pinned this sweet little bumble bee sweater on Pinterest (thanks, Anna!), and within an hour or so, my mom had repinned it, downloaded the pattern, and purchased the yarn. And it didn’t take her too much longer to complete the sweater. She’s good like that.

We went with long sleeves and wooden buttons.

And a matching bumble bee hat.

Pattern: Little Coffee Bean Cardigan by Elizabeth Smith, available here for free download, and you can find the chart for the bees here.

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Maize, Almond, and Taupe

Size 6 months (for the baby-to-be!)

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a few things…

What do ya know, today is my blogiversary!

It’s been a good year. When you stay home with your kids, you don’t get a lot of feedback about your job performance. I think I consider the things I sew and create as part of my work – it feels good to produce something tangible, and then get feedback at the end. So having a blog is nice in that respect, because besides just getting to share the things I make, sometimes people even say nice stuff about it! The comments and emails I’ve received this past year (and even the fact that people just stop by and look) have made my day on many occasions, so I wanted to say thank you.

And in honor of a year’s worth of posts, I have two random things to share. First, a dress that I didn’t make (but wish I could say I did):

Awhile back I came across this dress on Alicia’s beautiful blog, Posie gets Cozy. The pattern is called Clara by Karin Vestergaard Mathiesen and comes in a kit with the yarn (in 22 color choices). I don’t knit, but I love to collect knitting projects in hopes that my mom might make them for me. Unfortunately, this pattern only goes to 12-18 months, so Lila had already sized out by the time I discovered it. But my mom loved it too, and wanted to make it anyway.

What will we do with this 12-18 month sized dress, you ask?

That brings me to my second piece of news:

See that blue potato thing on the left? That’s Lila’s baby brother or sister – yep, it’s true, we’re having a baby! Due in November. No idea if it’s the dress-wearing variety yet, but there’s a 50/50 chance.

Lila is SO excited (she has a thing for babies, in case it wasn’t obvious). I’m just enjoying her adorable enthusiasm for now…you know, just in case it doesn’t last.

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