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First grade!

jump rope dress in clothesline -- probably actually-1-21

Lila’s first day of school came and went almost two weeks ago. But the day after Labor Day will always be the real first day in my book, so I’ll commemorate it by sharing her first day dress today. The Oliver + S Jump Rope dress has become our tradition for the first day of school – she wore it the day she started both preschool and Kindergarten, so I figured we might as well just keep on going.

jump rope dress in clothesline -- probably actually-1-14

jump rope dress in clothesline -- probably actually-1-7

The truth is, her Jump Rope dresses tend do a whole lot of hanging around in the closet and not much else. She didn’t wear last year’s more than five or six times, and the one before that, even less. But the other truth is, I don’t care. I love making this dress, and I love seeing her wear it, even if it’s just a handful of times. It’s still worth it. And the pattern only goes up to size 8, which means I may only have two more first days left! I better start searching for a replacement pattern.

jump rope dress in clothesline -- probably actually-1-20

This little floral print is Kimberly Kight’s Clothesline in Periwinkle from Cotton + Steel, which I ordered from Llama Fabrics. It’s been on my radar since Cherie used it here, and while I’m not a purple person, there’s something about this combination of colors that I really like.

jump rope dress in clothesline -- probably actually-1-2

My love for this pattern was officially declared here, and if you have any doubts about making this dress (I had many before making it the first time!), there’s a decent little pep talk in that post that I hope might convince you to forge ahead. I must say, sewing it this time was the best yet – the pattern is so well constructed that you can undoubtedly make a beautiful dress the first time around, but it sure does come together like butter the sixth time.

jump rope dress in clothesline -- probably actually-1-6

Happy official first day of school!

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jump rope in glow -- probably actually-10

So, Kindergarten. In two days. I can’t decide exactly how to feel about it, but like all milestones, it makes me want to sew. The first day of Kindergarten seemed like a good excuse to break out my favorite Oliver + S pattern, the Jump Rope Dress. I made it here and here, but I especially love this pattern for a back-to-school dress. It’s the same one I used two years ago for Lila’s first day of preschool dress, which she wore the first day and then pretty much never again. Maybe we’ll have more luck with this one.

jump rope in glow -- probably actually-6

I’ve already publicly declared my love for this pattern, so I won’t go into the full spiel here. But I will confirm that even after a two year hiatus, I’m still completely enamored with the Jump Rope Dress – it’s all those great little details, and Liesl makes it so easy to execute them. This is view A in a size 5 – it came out just a little big, but after three nights of work, I think I’d prefer to err on that side.

jump rope in glow -- probably actually-11

I’m always on the look-out for good Jump Rope Dress fabric, and this one (Amy Butler’s Quarter Moon in Mist from her new line, Glow) fit the bill for me. It came from Chio of Llama Fabrics, which brings me to the giveaway – who’d like to win three yards of fabric from Llama Fabrics?


The shop has grown by leaps and bounds since last year (and has a great new logo!) – if you take a look around, you’ll most definitely find something (probably many somethings) to your liking. The selection includes lots of Art Gallery fabrics, which are some of my favorites. Chio ships quickly and her prices are among the best – it’s a great place to shop!

jump rope in glow -- probably actually

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post. (Speaking of comments, if anyone needs a comment prompt and has ideas for teacher gifts for a male teacher, I’d love to hear!) The giveaway will be open until the end of the day Sunday, September 7th, and I’ll randomly select a winner next week. And if you want to keep up with Chio’s sales and new additions to her shop, you can follow¬†@llamafabrics on Instagram for a second giveaway entry. Just leave another comment here letting me know you’re following. The giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere!

jump rope in glow -- probably actually-4

Happy back-to-school!

jump rope in glow -- probably actually-5

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So last year around this time I made Lila an honorary back-to-school dress and lamented the fact that she didn’t have anywhere to wear it. But she started preschool yesterday, so this is the real deal. Her very first first-day-of-school dress, an Oliver + S Jump Rope dress.

I made this version of the dress last June – I loved it on Lila and hated watching her grow out of it! The smaller-sized pattern only goes up to 3T, and it’s a slim fit, so this was my chance to make another.

It feels a bit blasphemous to pick favorites when it comes to Oliver + S patterns, but I think this one might be it for me.

There are so many great details and I love the professional-looking end results. I have pored through the Oliver + S flickr pool and the Jumprope Sewalong pool studying the dresses made from this pattern, and my favorites are the simplest ones – small prints, subtle dots and stripes, and almost solids – those seem to highlight the dress’s details and are always the one that stand out to me.

This polka dot fabric (Lucy’s Crabshack by Moda) was Jump Rope-worthy to me, and the candy-colored dots on the navy/grayish background seemed like the right combination of summer and fall to be a good back-to-school dress.

Lila is not much for dresses, and I doubt I’ll convince her to wear this one more than a few times. But she wore it on her first day of school, so I’m satisfied. The dress got lots of compliments at school, and no one asked if I made it, which always make me feel like I’ve done at least a decent job.

This is definitely one of the more labor intensive Oliver + S patterns (second only to the School Days coat in my experience), but absolutely worth the effort, and the stellar directions will walk you through every step. The pattern is out of print but available as a digital download. I will most definitely be investing in the larger sized pattern for this one. Like it or not, Lila, there will be many versions of this dress in your future.

Thanks so much for everyone’s well wishes for Lila’s first day of school. She was beaming from ear to ear when I picked her up, and has agreed to go back next week (as long as I drop her off and don’t stay, she says!) which is all I could ask for. When I dropped her off yesterday I didn’t even make it down the front steps of the school before I started crying, but it didn’t last long. Plus, I’m pregnant, so it hardly even counts.

And here she is with her new lunch bag, which was ridiculously fun to pack.

I really wanted her to be surprised when she opened it, but she begged for a peek before we left for school, and in the end I’m glad I didn’t miss out on seeing her face when she looked inside, because it was awfully sweet. Everything but the fruit came home uneaten, but all she ever eats is fruit so it was no big shock. And I had no trouble finishing the remainder when she got home.

And last, here are the couple photos I took with my phone when I dropped her off yesterday.

Already hard at work within the first three minutes of arrival:

A nice sunny reading corner:

And check out this display of preschool intimacy!

That’s her BFF, Norman. They didn’t just meet that morning, I promise…

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