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1 small fry skinny cords -- probably actually-3

I’ve been following along with Laura (of Craftstorming and Titchy Threads)’s Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern tour this week, and the theme I’ve noticed among participants thus far seems to be “Holy #@!%, I just made JEANS!” Well I’m here to echo that same statement – I can’t believe I made these puppies.

small fry skinny cords -- probably actually-8

I really can’t take any credit, though – Laura has created a pattern with all the professional details and finishing techniques of store-bought jeans, and she tells you exactly how to make it happen. It’s a commitment, but it’s so completely worth it. The whole process was kind of exhilarating, and I feel a little giddy just thinking about those flat-felled seams. Granted, I haven’t accomplished a whole lot in my life – but I’m telling you, finishing these pants felt kind of huge.

small fry skinny cords -- probably actually-15

Don’t worry though, there was nothing inherently difficult about making them – it’s all very approachable, and you can dial in your own difficulty level by choosing from the multiple options included with the pattern.

small fry skinny cords -- probably actually-12

I went with the half-fly (zip fly is another option), the inset and coin pockets (patch pockets are also included), belt loops, and all the top-stitching. BTW, I came dangerously close to running out of top-stitching thread. Listen to Laura when she tells you to buy two spools.

small fry skinny cords -- probably actually-3

Anyway, yes, these were time-consuming. Cases in point: I marked a lot of my top-stitching lines with a fabric pen to get them even. I performed a multitude of thread changes between regular and top-stitching thread. I pulled to the inside and tied off my top-stitching threads to avoid back-stitching. I stayed up very late.

1 small fry skinny cords -- probably actually-4

I know this type of thing is probably not for everyone, and that a lot of people might say it’s ridiculous to spend three nights on a pair of pants you could buy for $12 at Old Navy. But I can’t help it, this level of detailed sewing makes me happy. I caught myself smiling and feeling all accomplished as these came together, and I’m pretty sure no Old Navy jeans that could evoke any of that.

small fry skinny cords -- probably actually-14

I don’t have any details about the fabric – it’s just some plain old brown corduroy with a little stretch. And I made them in 18-24 months to make sure there was plenty of ease around his chubby belly and thighs. I love how they fit.

small fry skinny cords -- probably actually-9

Oh – and one last brilliant feature of this pattern is that you can now print each size separately (here’s how).

small fry skinny cords -- probably actually-10

Laura is offering 20% off the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern during the tour – enter TOUR20 at checkout to get your discount. Personally, I think this pattern is well worth it’s $10 price tag, so I’d cash in on the discount while you can!


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