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briar rose ice cream top 1-6225

I got my hands on some Briar Rose this weekend, so I had to squeeze in one last KCW project.

Oliver + S and Heather Ross are one of my favorite pairings, but I think this is the first time I’ve put them together myself. This is Ice Cream top meets Cricket Clover. Ohhhh, those little crickets….

briar rose ice cream top-6242

I’ve used the Ice Cream Dress pattern twice before, and each time I marvel at the clever construction and the way the yoke hides the seam allowance so perfectly inside. It’s so neat and pretty. And the whole thing comes together amazingly quickly. I want to make this pattern over and over again.

probably actually :: briar rose ice cream top

Which I might get the chance to do, since I somehow decided to make a size 3 instead of a 4….and it’s not all that roomy.

probably actually :: briar rose ice cream top

The only change I made to the pattern was leaving the rounded neckline intact rather than cutting the notch. I’ve done it that way each time…just a matter of preference, with the added bonus of being slightly less work!

probably actually :: briar rose ice cream top

And back to Briar Rose…the fabric is soft, the prints are sweet, and the colors are easy on the eyes. This stuff doesn’t disappoint, not one bit. I’ve noticed that a lot of the big online shops have already sold out of Briar Rose – if you’re looking to order online, Llama Fabrics (my lovely sponsor!) still has all the prints in stock, though I’ve been told they’re selling fast. And I haven’t seen a better price anywhere – $8.50/yard! Get it while you can, my friends!

So that wraps up summer Kids Clothes Week. Now I’m off to browse the project pool!


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