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Lila loves her baby dolls and animal friends and takes very good care of them. She especially likes to tuck them in and put them to bed. I remember seeing this post last fall on Flossie Teacakes and wishing I could make one of those adorable little sleeping bags for Baby Girl (we’re not too creative in naming dolls around here). So when the Three Bears Sleeping Bag pattern was released, I was on it.

Here’s Baby Girl, out like a light in her new sleeping bag. She didn’t even have time to change into her pajamas.

I used leftovers from this dress for the quilt, and a scrap from Lila’s Christmas dress for the pillow.

The pattern comes in three sizes (Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear, and Baby Bear). I made the largest size to accommodate her bigger dolls and so that her little friends could snuggle up together. The cuddling combinations are endless, as you’re about to find out…

Here’s her first little bed mate. She had to turn away when Mouse started breathing on her face.

And here she is getting all cozy with Monkey:

Then Owlie and Baby Boy got a turn:

These two both fell asleep right away, so it must be a comfy little bed. It’s probably that velveteen pillow.

And if they’re especially squishy, you can get three in there together!

Here’s the final combo, and proof that I wasn’t playing dolls all by myself. Even though I totally was.

This was really fun to make and a nice way to use up some little pieces of fabric. I did cheat a little on the binding – I stitched in the ditch instead of finishing it by hand, which was really lazy of me, I know, but I’m a little out of practice on my hand stitching.

So if we’re ever brave enough to take Lila camping, sleeping arrangements are covered for at least a couple of her babies. And I’ve already started on a Mummy Bear-sized sleeping bag. Stay tuned….

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