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all things posie

Two things Posie, anyway.

I would love to learn to knit and crochet someday, but in the meantime, I gather up all my favorite patterns (Pinterest, naturally) and pass them along to my mom. A couple months ago she crocheted this little dress from Alicia Paulson’s Mina Dress pattern.

Lila wasn’t all that careful with her ketchup the second time she wore it, so I washed the dress in the machine with every intention of hanging it to dry. Nope. When I pulled it out of the dryer, it had the texture of a hot pad and the neck opening was about two inches across. Not even suitable for one of her little animal friends to wear. I tucked it away in denial for about a week, and then finally confessed what I’d done to my mom, who graciously offered to make another one.

This time we splurged on some nicer yarn.

So as tragic as the whole felting of the first dress was, I do love this second version. And even though it isn’t my project, I wanted to share.

I don’t know any technical crochet terms, but she took some artistic license and got a little fancy with the hem.

This is the 12-24 month size with a few adjustments based on Lila’s measurements. I can’t really review the pattern, but the fact that my mom made this dress twice (and since she’s on a roll, she even offered to make a third dress in the next [and final] size up!) speaks highly of it.

Here’s Lila picking raspberries in my mom’s backyard.

She isn’t particular about how ripe they are, and she’ll eat them until you cut her off.

And I had to include this photo of Lila holding one of my old baby dolls, Eric. My mom embroidered his name on his body to distinguish him from my sister’s identical doll, Jason. (Good, solid 80’s names we picked, huh?). I think he’s supposed to be yawning (?), but it’s the creepiest looking doll head I’ve ever seen.

Okay, moving on to part two.

So before I really got into sewing, and in preparation for my first nephew, I did lots of embroidery – onesies mostly. I’ve made countless variations of these for baby showers, but it’s been awhile now since I’ve done anything more involved than running stitches. Which brings to me to my second thing Posie – the Daisy Chain Alphabet Sampler.

The finished product is a loooong way off, but I took the kit on our trip to the beach last weekend and started stitching. It’s so great to have a portable project to take along on a trip. Because sewing machines are really heavy.

Here’s a little peek at my progress so far. I’ve been jumping around and doing the easy stuff first. And I had to quit mid-way through the G due to French knot exhaustion.

In conclusion, and having nothing to do with the Posie theme, here’s Lila in her twirly skirt, wading in the Hood Canal.

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