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Did I mention that this new baby, besides just being huge, is going to be a boy?

I will admit that a few tears have been shed over the fact that no child of mine will ever again wear anything in this stack of handmades.

This isn’t the whole haul, but I counted 68 items in this pile – exactly zero of which (given current social norms) could be worn by a boy. I already weeded those out, and there were three.

And while I know there’s plenty of great boy-sewing inspiration out there, I’m having trouble convincing myself that sewing for boys could ever be as much fun as sewing for girls…and so far I haven’t encountered a lot of people trying to prove me wrong on this point (though I’m absolutely up for hearing your argument if you have one!). Every time I go to start a project I get caught up in the fact I’d rather be choosing “girl” fabrics – this coming from someone who has absolutely no affinity for anything overtly “girly” and has rarely (if ever) sewn a pink or purple garment for my daughter. I love blues and greens and grays – but even so, the fabric options when sewing for girls are just more plentiful, because no color or print is off limits. It seems to me that even if you avoid ruffles and flowers and bows and all shades of pink, you’re still left with more choices in terms of clothing patterns and fabric and inspiration when it comes to sewing for girls.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be having this little boy, and I do realize that babies were not put on this earth solely to inspire us to sew. But man, the girl variety sure does have a knack for it.

So while I haven’t been terribly boy-inspired these days, I did manage to get pretty excited last week when Ruby of Zaaberry posted a free pattern and tutorial for newborn knit hats. I figured our little November baby could surely use a few of these. And because the selection of knit fabric out there is pretty limited anyway, I had no problem choosing some boy appropriate knits from my stash.

These little hats were so easy to make, and only took about 20 minutes apiece. I tried all the variations – knot, rounded, and ears.

The solid green and the blue polka dots are Patty Young knits, the stripes were an Old Navy dress, and the bear hat is made from Michael Miller organic sherpa.

I also made this hat (from a Carter’s receiving blanket), but it’ll be going to a friend having a girl…you know, due to those pesky pink and purple polka dots.

They’re all newborn size, but stretchy enough to humor a three year old:

And in conclusion, one last photo of Lila that I’ve already plastered all over every social media site, so I figure I’ll post it here too. Plus, it proves I have nothing against the color pink.


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I am so excited to be the very first guest to join Kristin and Jessica in their Film Petit series!

In case you missed their Film Petit kick-off, they both sewed outfits inspired by The Life Aquatic, and they were amazing. Check them out here and here. This month’s movie is Amélie, which happens to be the first movie my husband and I saw together while we were courting back in 2002. Having watched it so long ago, all I really remembered about the movie was loving it, and it was so much fun to see it again and get inspired to sew.

Amélie has a penchant for anonymous good deeds, and one of my favorites is when she kidnaps her father’s beloved garden gnome and asks a flight attendant friend to photograph the gnome visiting landmarks of the world, hoping to encourage her father to follow his own traveling dreams. That traveling gnome was my sewing inspiration.

I had some Heather Ross gnomes from a Munki Munki nightgown, so I decided to turn them into little gnome Polaroids.

Our little gnome wasn’t quite as ambitious in his travels as Amélie’s – but he did make it to couple of our finest local landmarks.

Trader Joe’s:

The neighborhood swimming pool:

A picnic at the park

with a visit to the swings:

And finally he ended up on the pockets of a little dress for Lila.

I used this A-line dress pattern from Etsy, which I found via Stitched Together (Rachel recently made two great versions). It’s a great simple dress that you can embellish any way you like. I added pockets from the Oliver + S Ice Cream dress and triple machine-stitched the stripey pocket yokes,

then added my gnome Polaroids to the pockets. I’ve seen Polaroid quilt blocks pop up in a few places and always thought they’d be so much fun to create. They were!

I added running stitches around the neck and armholes.

And a gnome covered button to finish it off.

Our little gnome even got a hold of some mysterious photos of Amélie herself!

Where will he pop up next, you ask? At the fabric store, of course 🙂

Don’t forget to check out how Kristin and Jessica were inspired by Amélie….and thanks to both of them for letting me get in on the fun of this terrific series! I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves for next month!

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