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June is notoriously cool and rainy around here, but we’re dreaming of shorts season, hoping we get to break them out at least by August. We’re preparing early.

These are the Oliver + S Puppet Show shorts in Robert Kaufman Carolina chambray (in black) and, randomly, the same Moda pin dots I used to make the Puppet Show dress for Christmas. With red top stitching. And a buckin’ bronco tattoo.

The Puppet Show pattern is available to download as a pdf, along with all the other retired Oliver + S patterns.

I love the gathering on the pockets and at the legs…such cute little details. I wish I’d had this pattern earlier, because I think they’re the perfect shorts for chubby little baby legs. But for now, these skinny little almost-preschooler legs will have to do.

And while we’re on the topic of shorts, have you heard about the Shorts on the Line series coming up in July? It’s a three week sewalong with prizes, so start sewing shorts and enter them into the Flickr group! I’ll be guest posting at imagine gnats on the 8th, so stay tuned. Until then, hope everyone is enjoying some actual shorts weather where you are!


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Have I mentioned that I love me some Oliver + S Sailboat Pants? The chambray pair I made in April were as plain and simple as you could get, so I decided the next ones should be a little more exciting and a little less practical. There’s nothing practical about elephants all over your pants, that’s for sure.

This is the same fabric (Daiwabo Tip Top Elephants) I used for my nephew’s Toddler Backpack last year. I had a decent amount left, and I must have laid out these pattern pieces on my remaining fabric three separate times before overcoming the denial that they weren’t going to fit. But then I saw that Cool Cottons had restocked it, so I hurried in and got myself another yard. It’s a lightweight canvas and I’ve wanted to turn it in Sailboat pants ever since I laid eyes on these and these in the Oliver + S Flickr group.

I used piping again (like these), but this time I made my own using this piping tutorial. You can’t beat the convenience of packaged piping, but the color choices are really limited and seem to lean toward the bright and garish side. It was just a little piece, so not too much work.

I mostly like these pants, but I will say that the 3Ts seem a little baggy in the crotch. You’d think I might have noticed that when I made the last pair, but apparently it slipped my mind. Anyway, I think lengthening the 2Ts might have made for a better fit.

Also, the elephants were printed at a slight slope, so despite my best efforts to cut on the grain, I ended up with elephants that don’t match up across the front of the pants. Not so noticeable when she has them on…but that’s when you do notice the saggy crotch. Ah well. On to something else…

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I just completed my first Figgy’s pattern, the Ayashe. At first I was all excited that I could finally cross this one off my list, but now I just want to make another, so back on the list it goes…

This version of the blouse was my inspiration – I loved the solid with a pop of print inside the collar. Alas, I had no Liberty to use, so I settled for the Kaufman lawn I used for my Playdate/Puppet Show dress.

And since the outside was pretty plain, I did the front top-stitching in orange.

The fabric is shot cotton in ice blue. Shot cotton makes for such a soft and wearable garment. It’s really hard to capture this shade in photos – it ends up looking white instead of icy blue most of the time. But it really is pale blue, I promise.

I made the 2/3 and added one inch to the length, based mostly on the fact that I hate it when things come out too short.

I was really pleasantly surprised by how quickly and easily this came together – and I have to give credit to Kristin for passing along some tips from when she made her lovely Ayashe. There were a couple tricky parts she figured out so that I didn’t have to – nothing major, but it’s always nice to have someone blaze the pattern trail for you!

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There’s plenty of “baby sewing” in the works around here, but I’m waiting on most of it until we find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. But after Jill posted her Peekaboo Bonnets last week, I was struck with a feverish need to sew a baby bonnet. It was pretty powerful, seriously. I immediately printed out the pattern and began looking through my stash for fabric. Jill’s versions were absolutely perfect in my opinion – I think her large vintage-y floral prints really suit the bonnet well, and I love how she used piping on both sides.

This print is Rose Bouquet from Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom collection, and I used a linen/cotton blend (Robert Kaufman Essex Linen in Natural) for the solid side.

The bonnet is fully reversible (two bonnets in one!), and I used packaged piping on both sides and made my own bias tape for the tie. The brim is interfaced to make it more sturdy. I did the final stitching by hand (where the band and brim meet on the solid side) since I knew there was no chance I could stitch in the ditch by machine and keep it invisible on both sides.

The pattern – Made by Rae’s Peekaboo Bonnet – was wonderful and everything came together really easily. It comes in eight sizes, all the way up to child’s large (age 6-8), but I think Lila may have missed her window of ultimate cuteness for wearing a bonnet like this. And I really wanted to make a baby size anyway. As luck would have it, an adorable seven month old lives right next door – she’s grown quite a bit since her swaddler modeling days back in January, and has the sweetest little giggle you’ve ever heard! I hope she likes her new bonnet with its tasty little strings – she figured out how to untie them within seconds, so we’ll see how much wear this thing actually gets…

And one last photo, just to show off that gorgeous Liberty quilt she was sitting on!

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