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What do ya know, today is my blogiversary!

It’s been a good year. When you stay home with your kids, you don’t get a lot of feedback about your job performance. I think I consider the things I sew and create as part of my work – it feels good to produce something tangible, and then get feedback at the end. So having a blog is nice in that respect, because besides just getting to share the things I make, sometimes people even say nice stuff about it! The comments and emails I’ve received this past year (and even the fact that people just stop by and look) have made my day on many occasions, so I wanted to say thank you.

And in honor of a year’s worth of posts, I have two random things to share. First, a dress that I didn’t make (but wish I could say I did):

Awhile back I came across this dress on Alicia’s beautiful blog, Posie gets Cozy. The pattern is called Clara by Karin Vestergaard Mathiesen and comes in a kit with the yarn (in 22 color choices). I don’t knit, but I love to collect knitting projects in hopes that my mom might make them for me. Unfortunately, this pattern only goes to 12-18 months, so Lila had already sized out by the time I discovered it. But my mom loved it too, and wanted to make it anyway.

What will we do with this 12-18 month sized dress, you ask?

That brings me to my second piece of news:

See that blue potato thing on the left? That’s Lila’s baby brother or sister – yep, it’s true, we’re having a baby! Due in November. No idea if it’s the dress-wearing variety yet, but there’s a 50/50 chance.

Lila is SO excited (she has a thing for babies, in case it wasn’t obvious). I’m just enjoying her adorable enthusiasm for now…you know, just in case it doesn’t last.


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Have you been following along with the Vintage May series hosted by Skirt as Top and Craftiness is Not Optional?

Week two is now underway, and my post is up today! I combined two Oliver + S patterns to make a vintage-inspired Playdate-Puppet Show hybrid dress – I hope you’ll pop over to Skirt as Top and check out the details!

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Well, I finally joined the party and bought Rae’s Flashback Skinny Tee pattern. I saw so many great versions in the flickr pool during KCWC, I couldn’t resist it any longer. My confidence sewing with knits isn’t the greatest, so I also got myself a walking foot, hoping it might makes my knit garments look a little more pro.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Does it look tiny?

It is. (feel free to skip this next part if you don’t care about my sewing woes, I won’t take it personally…) It started out as a 3T, but I failed miserably. Actually, to be fair, the whole thing came together beautifully until the neckband. The directions said to measure your neck opening and subtract one, then cut your neckband to that length. But there was also a chart with a recommended neck band length for each size. The two numbers were waaaaaay off for me (17 vs. 10.5 inches), so I split the difference and ended up with a huge, stretched-out neck. Which I tediously picked out. Of course, you can’t really pick out a narrow zigzag stitch on stretchy jersey, it just doesn’t work. The neck ended up totally misshapen, with little holes all over the place. It was pointless to try to sew on a smaller neckband at that point, but that didn’t keep me from attempting it, since I’d gone to all the trouble to rip out the old one. No go. SO…to salvage the fabric (and because I really wanted to make a damn skinny tee!) I cut it into a 12-18 sized month shirt.

And now all is well. If I had any use for a shirt this size, that is.

But really, despite my troubles, I love everything about this pattern and plan to make many, many more of these shirts. This thing is so soft and cozy – these are the clothes kids (my kid, anyway) want to wear! Lila always chooses from the handful of long sleeved T-shirts in her closet, so I think this pattern might just be my golden ticket. Once I get it made in the correct size.

BTW, I haven’t sewn a lot with knits, but I do think the walking foot made a difference. If you’re looking for info on avoiding puckers when you sew with knits, I found Rae’s post on hemming knits and her walking foot video very helpful. I used the walking foot and a narrow zigzag stitch throughout.

The main fabric came from a two-pack of Carter’s swaddling blankets that I bought on sale for this purpose – it’s a very soft, stretchy jersey. My neckband fabric also has a good deal of stretch, and it did say in the pattern directions to shorten the band if you’re working with very stretchy fabric. I should have stuck with the recommended length, which is what I did the second time around. I don’t have access to a toddler to see if this fits, but it certainly looks better than my first attempt.

In case you were wondering, here’s what a 3 year old looks like in a 12 month old’s shirt.

AND, she refused to take it off! I knew she’d love this shirt.

Also, have you checked out the Vintage May series hosted by skirt as top and Craftiness in Not Optional? It’s starting up next week (though both sites have lots of great vintage-inspired posts this week, too). And if you’re looking for modern patterns with a vintage (or retro) feel, check out Kristin’s great roundup, which includes the Flashback Skinny Tee!

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