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It’s been a pretty fruitful year for sewing. I made Lila a lot of clothes…that she mostly doesn’t wear. It’s okay, I had fun making them (or selecting the fabric at least), and each garment improved my sewing skills as well as my confidence to tackle whatever I wanted to make next.

This was my first time playing around with Mosaic Maker, and I couldn’t stop at one. Or two. So I separated my photos into Oliver + S clothing, other kid clothing, and just plain other. And then the clothes are in chronological order over on Flickr, just as an excuse to make another mosaic.

As it turns out, there was a decent amount of Oliver + S sewing going on this year. Here’s a sampling:

Next up: more kiddie clothes.

And I made some non-clothing items, too. I know the invites are a stretch, but there was a sewing machine involved…

I think my favorite project of the year was the Oliver + S baby carrier in the middle of the last mosaic. For some reason that thing still makes me smile every time Lila puts it on.

Hope everyone has a very happy 2012!


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fabric trays

I realized pretty early on that I wouldn’t be making much of a dent in my project list for Christmas this year. It’s okay, it was a little ambitious. Most of my ideas were gifts for Lila, so I’m hoping to work through the list at a leisurely pace and end up with a few handmade goodies to give for Valentine’s Day and her birthday. But I did manage to do some grown-up gift sewing last night and make a few fabric trays, which have been on my list since I pinned them back in October.

These little trays from Anna’s tutorial were so much fun. Once I tracked down all the materials (I didn’t have fusible fleece or the heavy weight Peltex on hand) and got started, they were really quick and easy. Maybe 30 minutes each, and the fabric is all scraps. I ended up making two sets to give away.

The fabrics from top to bottom (below) are Heather Ross fishes from Mendocino, a random spotty Michael Miller scrap, Lizzy House’s Pearl Bracelet, and some Heather Bailey Nicey Jane. I copied Anna and used linen for the outside of the trays.

I made the small “pencil holder” size and the medium “spare change” size, and immediately envisioned both sizes holding sewing tools and supplies. Because I have a one track mind like that.

The bigger tray can also keep you organized while you catch up on your correspondence.

Especially during Christmas card season.

Which is actually New Year’s card season around here – I always end up choosing a New Year’s design due to the off chance they’ll still look like they’re on time when I don’t get them out until a week or two after Christmas.

Of course Lila immediately thought the trays were for her babies. She has a one track mind, too.

They also work well for serving bonbons and tea to stuffed friends.

So yeah, lots of options!

I hope the recipients find something fun to put inside. And if either of you happen to look at my blog in the next couple days…sorry. Just act surprised. 🙂

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I’ve long admired the Oliver + S Puppet Show Dress, but despite much internet scouring (much like my experience with the Playdate Dress), I was never able to find a copy of the pattern after it went out of print. Then a few months ago Oliver + S came to the rescue and released it as their first digital pattern, so I decided to give it a try for Christmas this year.

I’d personally rather pay a little more for an original copy of the pattern, mostly because they’re such lovely things to have around, but I must say, the pdf version was flawless. They give you the option of printing the pattern pieces on 8.5 x 11 paper at home, or in one large sheet at a place like Kinko’s. I priced it out at Kinko’s but $9 seemed steep, so I used my own printer. Any pattern pieces that were too large to fit on one sheet of paper were printed with a one-inch grid behind them, which made them really easy to line up. And everything lined up perfectly, which never seems to happen for me when I print a pattern from a pdf file. Cutting and piecing was was time consuming (it took me over an hour to prep all the pieces), but the fact that everything fit together so nicely made it all okay.

I got stuck with the directions at one point – I must have reread them ten times and I still couldn’t wrap my mind around what I was supposed to do. Luckily, I was working on the dress at the Friday Night “Sew-cial” at Modern Domestic (a gorgeous classroom/open sewing studio and Bernina dealership in NE Portland), which meant there was someone on duty to answer questions (none other than Shelly Figueroa of Sewing for Boys and Patterns by Figgy’s!) – she helped me make sense of the directions, and the rest was pretty much smooth sailing.

And those three hours I spent on this Bernina 330 kinda ruined any love I ever had for my own machine. It was pretty dreamy.

Anyway, here’s Lila in the dress. It’s a 2T and it ended up fitting pretty well, I think.

I love the sweet little details, like the peter pan collar, puffed sleeves, and button-up sleeve cuffs.

The not-so-Christmasy fabric is a pink and red Moda pindot from the Ruby line by Bonnie & Camille, and the collar and sleeve cuffs are Kona Snow.

I’ll admit, the inside of this dress is less than beautiful, but hey, it’s the inside after all. And I didn’t finish the hem facing by hand, I just didn’t have it in me. I was really just ready for it to be done so that I didn’t have to tell Lila that her daddy would be putting her to bed again because I needed to work on her dress. To which she responded each time, “No YOU put me to bed, and daddy will work on my dress!” I tried to explain to her how ridiculous that suggestion was, but she didn’t find it anywhere near as hilarious as I did.

And last but not least, a photo from her visit with Santa today. I know, poor Baby Girl, forced to wear last year’s Christmas dress again. This was the best shot we got – totally stone-faced and leaning toward safety.

But you can’t hope for a gem like this every year…

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Lila’s babies are in desperate need of diapers. I’m not sure what she’s feeding them, but they poop a lot. I mean, you wouldn’t believe the frequency with which these dolls poop. She’s constantly changing them using the one diaper I made last year from the Skip to My Lou tutorial, which turned out too big for her 12-inch dolls. I’ve been meaning to re-size the pattern and make a few more, but in the meantime, three baby dolls with very active bowels have been sharing one ill-fitting diaper. It just isn’t right.

So she’s getting a stack for Christmas.

The fabric options were overwhelming me, so I went with all polka dots, and flannel inside.

I ended up merging a doll “panties” pattern from McCalls 4338 with the Skip to my Lou pattern – I just kept tweaking it until it fit right. And I put a long strip of velcro across the front to make it more adjustable (and because that’s what ours looked like). The wipes were based on ours, too – just flannel squares with zig-zagged edges.

Baby girl modeled for me.

She likes ’em!

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There are things I could be sewing for Christmas, but I really just want to make pajamas.

First up, Lizzy House’s ducks from Red Letter Day. I figured I’d been hoarding them long enough. The contrast fabric is a Michael Miller Garden Pindot.

The pants pattern is from the Oliver + S Bedtime Story Pajamas. The pattern was still sitting out from these, which is what spurred all this pajama making.

And another set, made from Irving Street flannel and a Moda pindot.

I found the t-shirts at Old Navy and bought a bunch last week while everything was buy one, get one 75% off. They’re sueded cotton and soft as a baby’s bum.

The flannel pants are 3Ts, same as her holiday pjs – they’re definitely too long (which is why she’s hiking them up in the photos). So I went back to 2Ts on the ducks.

Sorry for all my tag photos. But here’s another tag photo.

These pjs are a little bit addictive – suddenly I want to turn every piece of fabric I own into pajama bottoms. They’re so simple to make, and take just over 1/2 yard for the main fabric and then a few scraps for the shirt. It’s a project easily completed in one evening…especially when you’re on your third pair in a row and aren’t consulting the directions anymore.

And the houses that didn’t make the cut for the shirt ended up on the felt board. She says they’re cat garages. Obviously.

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